Terms & Conditions – A Nursing Home’s Total Privacy Plan

Terms of Service Agreement for Participants in A Nursing Home’s Total Privacy Plan, a service product of MyHIPAA Guide and its Publisher, M.E.D. Media Mart LLC.

The plan includes:

1. MyHIPAA Guide subscription

50+ compliance resources available on MyHIPAAGuide.com; includes news updates; training resources; templates for security policy and procedures; risk assessment tutorials; updated Patient Privacy Notices, and sample terms for required agreements with Business Associates.

Note that Terms & Condition of Usage of the MyHIPAA Guide website are available on MyHIPAAGuide.com and apply at all times, as does the following disclaimer:

MyHIPAA Guide content, including newsletters, is for informational purposes only. MyHIPAA Guide is not intended as legal advice or as a recommendation for a provider’s specific circumstances, and it is not intended as an exhaustive or definitive source on protecting health information from privacy and security risks. Providers and professionals seeking expert advice should consult an attorney and/or a risk assessment professional.

2.Third-party online whistle-blower service

Third-party online whistleblower reporting service through a secure web page where anyone may report suspected abuses at your nursing facility; the reporting party may identify himself or herself, or submit a report anonymously. MyHIPAA Guide will collect the information and send it to pre-designated privacy officer or other contact within your organization for internal investigation.  This plan does not include investatigative services.

3. Social media guidelines

Recommendations draw from guidelines formulated by leading authorities.

4. Printed posters

Ten printed posters that include social media guidelines and instructions on where to report social media incidents or suspected abuses. (Allow 30 days for delivery)

5. Access to Monthly Training Webinars

Training sessions, with choices of times and dates, on varying compliance topics, such as:

  • Basic Steps to Compliance & A Culture of Vigilance
  • Managing Business Associates
  • New & Expanded Patient Rights
  • Top IT Issues for Privacy Compliance
  • Breach Reporting Procedures

6. Bundled package of online courses

Online course offerings will be administered through Pedagogy Inc. and Pedagogy will offer completion certificates. The Total Privacy Plan includes course participation for up to 10 management level employees and up to 60 staff members per year. Pedagogy will offer discounts to facilities needing more seats.


Terms of Payment of the Total Privacy Plan for Skilled Nursing Homes:


Yearly Plan: $2900 annual fee, payable by credit card or by check: Checks may be made to M.E.D. Media Mart LLC and mailed to M.E.D Media Mart LLC; 9 North Main St.; Akron, OH 44308.

Monthly Plan: $279/month via automated credit card payments (minimum of one year enrollment)

Plan activation commences at the time of payment. Members will receive a password and login for the MyHIPAA Guide website. Within 3 business days, new members will receive a welcome letter and an invitation to schedule an initial conference call to review basic steps to HIPAA compliance and learn about resources available through the Total Privacy Plan for Skilled Nursing Homes.

For more information, email Diane Evans at [email protected] or call 1-877-438-1386.

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07apr1:00 pm1:30 pmCOVID-19 - Privacy & Security Updates with Q&A

08apr3:00 pm3:30 pmCOVID-19 - Privacy & Security Updates with Q&A

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