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Inside MyHIPAA Guide

In addition to more 50+ templates, forms and other resources, MyHIPAA Guide offers subscribers unlimited phone and email consultations on human-centered HIPAA compliance processes.  Plus we give you updates on ever-evolving compliance rules. MyHIPAA Guide offers:

  • Interactive risk assessment tutorials covering HIPAA rules
  • Complete templates for Security Policies & Procedures, which you can adapt to fit your organization
  • Extensive materials for staff training, including fun stuff, like our Social Media Cheat Sheet
  • Templates for Business Associate Agreements (BAA); you adapt terms to your needs (with help from your legal advisers)
  • Loads of helpful forms to help you track business associates and staff access levels to protected information
  • Complete materials for breach reporting and investigation. . .

And much more.  The best part:  You can call us to schedule a conference time and we will explain HIPAA processes and procedures.

For easy reference, we’ve organized information around a 10 Step Plan for compliance, developed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

We’ve scoured the Internet and know of nothing else like this. As federal HIPAA audits have now begun, provider organizations need clear guidance more than ever.  MyHIPAA Guide keeps you updated as new information becomes publicly available, and as best practices emerge. We’d love to hear from you as you make discoveries we can share with readers.  And keep in mind, if you need additional help, we do on-site training and consulting as well.

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10 Step HIPAA Plan

  • Step 1: Confirm you are a covered entity +

    What's Inside:
    Lists of who is generally covered and who is not, plus contact for inquiries.
  • Step 2: Provide leadership +

    What's Inside:
    • 7-page HIPAA basics
    • 62-page guide to security and privacy of ePHI
    • Compliance Charter Template
  • Step 3: Document processes, findings, and actions +

    What's Inside:
    Templates for Security Policies and Procedures
  • Step 4: Conduct a security risk analysis +

    What's Inside:
    • Guides
    • Short videos
    • Interactive quizzes on risk assessment and contingency preparation
    • 10 common myths

    Interactive tutorial – 156 questions with fill-able PDFs for Windows or iPad. All material from federal sources.
  • Step 5: Develop an action plan +

    What's Inside:
    • 11-page overview on ePHI for small practices
    • 4-page Q&A addresses email with patients
    • Checklists

    Toolkit on 45 implementation specifications
  • Step 6: Manage and mitigate risks +

    What's Inside:
    • Overview of expectations
    • Annual Work Plan Template
  • Step 7: Prevent breaches +

    What's Inside:
    • Form for reporting brief notification
    • Links to details on the notification process and what constitutes a breach.
    • Suite of Training Materials
  • Step 8: Communicate with patients +

    What's Inside:
    FOR ALL:
    Privacy notice templates to help achieve meaningful consent, in English & Spanish.

    Professionals' guide covering 2013 updates on communications.

    Electronic toolkit with patient education and meaningful consent sample materials.
  • Step 9: Update or execute Business Associate Agreements (BAAs) +

    What's Inside:
    • Sample Business Associate Agreement (BAA) provisions
    • Suite of BA Management Tools
  • Step 10: Attest to Compliance with Security Objectives +

    What's Inside:
    • Tip sheets
    • Short videos
    • Overviews

    • 94-page guide on the EHR incentive program
    • Beginners' toolkit on reporting to the government

    All from federal sources.
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