HIPAA Training: It’s not only required, it’s essential for compliance

While HIPAA rules require regular training of staff, it’s not enough to simply go through the motions of attending a lecture or watching a video.  HIPAA education should address things that staff members working with ePHI really need to know.  And it should be re-enforced often.


Here are resources from MyHIPAA Guide that can help train staff in the following categories.  In addition, watch for our webinars on a variety of HIPAA subjects.

Social Media Guidelines for staff:

Online class, titled Social Media Rules for Healthcare Providers, accredited through our partner, Pedagogy Online Learning Systems.

A published guide on social media uses, from the National Council of State Boards of Nursing.


Risk Mitigation:

Security 101 videos on who to spot risks in your midst, and how to plan for natural disasters and interruptions

Basic security checklist for small practices

An advanced online course for compliance managers, titled Responsibilities for Managing HIPAA Compliance, accredited through our partner, Pedagogy Online Learning Systems.

Responsibilities for Managing HIPAA Compliance


Breach Reporting:

Instructions on how to report


Business Associates:

Information on who to hold accountable and how


Patient Rights:

Video on patient rights





Upcoming Webinars

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New Social Media Course

MyHIPAA Guide is offering a new social media course that will help you protect your organization from potential privacy violations that result from social media

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