Making Compliance Simple

When it comes to HIPAA Compliance our philosophy is simple – to deliver meaningful information and user-friendly tools to help you achieve and maintain HIPAA compliance and uphold confidentiality for those you serve.

What's in a MyHIPAA Guide Subscription?

Phone Consultation

Our plans comes with phone and email consultation. We are here to help you.

Risk Assessment

We provide you with instructions and templates to complete a Risk Assessment

Privacy & Security Policies

We offer everything that you need to complete your Privacy & Security Policies.

Compliance Work Plan

Our Annual Compliance Work Plan will help you to stay organized throughout the year.


We have a library of templates accessible at the click of a mouse.

Breach Reporting

We have an online Breach Reporting solution customizable for your organization.

Understand what to do on a daily basis.

Are you protecting privacy to the best of your ability?  MyHIPAA Guide can help you be sure. 

MyHIPAA Guide helps HIPAA-covered organizations understand what they need to do on a daily basis. Subscribers gain access to a comprehensive, human-centered HIPAA program.  Our templates, forms and other materials are the most user friendly you can find on the market.  Plus, we can work with you personally to help you turn privacy protections into good business and elevated integrity within your organization. And at the end of the day, it’s all about upholding the trust of those who entrust their care your care.  Our success is when people feel great about protecting privacy — because it’s the right thing to do.

1-2-3 Steps

HIPAA Policies in 90 days for Practices.


Get a personal guide to coach you to compliance in 90 days or less.

Over a 90-day period, we will coach you via video conferences so that you can complete your HIPAA policies.  


  • Minimum of a one-year subscription at $169/month

  • Monthly fee reduced to $99/month after one year

  • Timeline is based on availability of staff assistance