Set the Table for Compliance

Establish a Culture

If you really want to protect the privacy of those you serve, it is important to establish a culture of vigilance within your organization.

Now, if that sounds like blah-blah, think again.  The culture of your organization is a real thing.  It is a silent, yet potent communicator of the values reflected in your leadership.  High ethical behavior at the top sets the expectations for all.

During our January podcast-and-webinar series, we discussed the importance of a Code of Conduct as a starting point for a HIPAA compliance program.  Why?  Because it’s a great vehicle for describing ethical standards that employees are expected to meet. If expectations aren’t in writing, how are they to know?

Basic elements of a Code of Conduct set forth principles of:

  • Leadership values
  • Respectful behavior
  • Protection of privacy
  • Safety
  • Integrity

Pledge of Commitment

Importantly, the commitment should go both ways — with leadership pledging a commitment to a healthy work environment and employees pledging good conduct. (Yes, pledges should be signed!)

Once the basic standards are set, then there is context for the details of HIPAA compliance relating to safety and security.

If you are a subscriber to MyHIPAA Guide, email Brenna Hughey at [email protected] for a Code of Conduct template if you do not have it already.

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10 Steps to Compliance
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