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MyHIPAA Guide Publisher Diane Evans with Dr. Toby Cosgrove, CEO of the Cleveland Clinic (left), and Dr. Waleed Nemer, president of Summit County Medical Society. Ms. Evans introduced Dr. Cosgrove before a Medical Society audience.

Diane Evans is Publisher of MyHIPAA Guide, a consultancy and information service that gives organizations a clear and human-centered process for HIPAA compliance. Diane travels around Ohio and beyond, helping organizations shore up their privacy programs, and in cases of breach, she leads a team that helps organizations prepare for federal inquiry. She also leads workshops in an interactive curriculum developed by the MyHIPAA Guide team. Recent workshop sponsors include the Ohio Provider Resource Association, the Ohio Health Care Association and the Indiana Association for Rehabilitation Facilities. To inquire about speaking engagements or workshops, email Diane at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Diane is author of the MyHIPAA Guide Compliance manual, available on Amazon.com.  Her guest viewpoints have appeared in the Akron Beacon Journal and in Compliance Today, the peer-reviewed journal of the national Health Care Compliance Association. She also contributes to the blog of the Center for Health Journalism, University of Southern California, Annenberg, where she is a member. She has authored accredited online courses on HIPAA compliance, available through Pedagogy Inc., based in Troup, Tx.

Diane spent more than 25 years as journalist for the Akron Beacon Journal, the flagship paper of the former Knight Ridder Newspapers. She contributed to a select package of stories that won the Beacon Journal a Pulitzer Prize, and she later wrote a wellness column with weekly international distribution over Knight Ridder’s wire service.

10 Step HIPAA Plan

  • Step 1: Make Sure you Must Comply with HIPAA +

    What's Inside:
    Lists of who is generally covered and who is not, plus contact for inquiries.
  • Step 2: Designate Team Leaders +

    What's Inside:
    • 7-page HIPAA basics
    • 62-page guide to security and privacy of ePHI
    • Compliance Charter Template
  • Step 3: Develop Security Policies & Procedures +

    What's Inside:
    Templates for Security Policies and Procedures
  • Step 4: Conduct a security risk analysis +

    What's Inside:
    • Guides
    • Short videos
    • Interactive quizzes on risk assessment and contingency preparation
    • 10 common myths

    Interactive tutorial – 156 questions with fill-able PDFs for Windows or iPad. All material from federal sources.
  • Step 5: Develop an action plan +

    What's Inside:
    • 11-page overview on ePHI for small practices
    • 4-page Q&A addresses email with patients
    • Checklists

    Toolkit on 45 implementation specifications
  • Step 6: Reduce Risks of a Breach +

    What's Inside:
    • Overview of expectations
    • Annual Work Plan Template
  • Step 7: Train the Team +

    What's Inside:
    • Form for reporting breach notification
    • Links to details on the notification process and what constitutes a breach.
    • Suite of Training Materials
  • Step 8: Customize Privacy Notices +

    What's Inside:
    FOR ALL:
    • Privacy notice templates to help achieve meaningful consent, in English & Spanish.

    • Professionals' guide covering 2013 updates on communications.

    • Electronic toolkit with patient education and meaningful consent sample materials.
  • Step 9: Execute Business Associate Agreements +

    What's Inside:
    • Sample Business Associate Agreement (BAA) provisions
    • Suite of BA Management Tools
  • Step 10: Verify Compliance with HIPAA +

    What's Inside:
    • Tip sheets
    • Short videos
    • Overviews

    • 94-page guide on the EHR incentive program
    • Beginners' toolkit on reporting to the government

    All from federal sources.
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