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Are you ready for the HIPAA police?

By Diane EvansPublisher, MyHIPAAGuide.com If you haven’t been following HIPAA news lately, you may have missed some interesting stories. One example: In a precedent-setting case,

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New MyHIPAA Guide launches today; catalogs over 40 federal government tools for compliance

AKRON, Ohio – November 3, 2015 — For the first time, a low-cost, online service, at www.MyHIPAAGuide.com, gives healthcare providers direct access to a library of federal government toolkits, videos, games and tutorials designed to help achieve compliance with updated HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules.

The new service can benefit organizations of all sizes, but can be especially helpful to rural organizations and other small- and medium-size providers facing government reporting requirements for the first time. MyHIPAA Guide includes:

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What is Social Media

Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or something else, here’s a simple way to think of social media: It is word-of-mouth communication empowered by the Internet.

Previously, word-of-mouth spread mainly in person or over the telephone.

But now the Internet enables one person’s voice to reverberate throughout a community or even around the globe. That’s not to say everyone’s message actually reaches a wide audience. Hardly. For those in heathcare, if you want your message to reach a desired audience, a good exercise is to think about exactly how that might happen. Here are a few possible scenarios:

Let’s say your hospital or medical practice has collected email addresses from patients who agree to receive email announcements or newsletters from your office. You now have a subscriber list. An email then goes out, announcing a new internist on staff. Someone who receives this information forwards the annoucement to a neighbor who just moved into town and needs a physician. “Hearing” about you, the neighbor calls for an appointment.

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Terms & Conditions

From M.E.D. Media Mart LLC, Publisher of MyHIPAA Guide: LICENSE FOR USE Under these terms, all subscribers agree to restrict use of private MyHIPAA Guide

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