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Are you protecting privacy to the best of your ability?  MyHIPAA Guide can help you be sure. 

MyHIPAA Guide helps HIPAA-covered organizations understand what they need to do on a daily basis. Subscribers gain access to a comprehensive, human-centered HIPAA program.  Our templates, forms and other materials are the most user friendly you can find on the market.  Plus, we can work with you personally to help you turn privacy protections into good business and elevated integrity within your organization. And at the end of the day, it's all about upholding the trust of those who entrust their care your care.  Our success is when people feel great about protecting privacy -- because it's the right thing to do.

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Diane Evans

About Diane Evans

Our mission is to deliver meaningful information and user-friendly tools to help you achieve and maintain HIPAA compliance and uphold confidentiality for those you serve.

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    Unlimited phone & email consultation on HIPAA processes

    Everything you need to complete Privacy & Security Policies

    Risk Assessment instruction and templates

    An annual compliance work plan

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Terms & Conditions - A Nursing Home's Total Privacy Plan

Terms of Service Agreement for Participants in A Nursing Home's Total Privacy Plan, a service product of MyHIPAA Guide and its Publisher, M.E.D. Media Mart LLC.

The plan includes:

1. MyHIPAA Guide subscription

50+ compliance resources available on; includes news updates; training resources; templates for security policy and procedures; risk assessment tutorials; updated Patient Privacy Notices, and sample terms for required agreements with Business Associates.

Note that Terms & Condition of Usage of the MyHIPAA Guide website are available on and apply at all times, as does the following disclaimer:

MyHIPAA Guide content, including newsletters, is for informational purposes only. MyHIPAA Guide is not intended as legal advice or as a recommendation for a provider’s specific circumstances, and it is not intended as an exhaustive or definitive source on protecting health information from privacy and security risks. Providers and professionals seeking expert advice should consult an attorney and/or a risk assessment professional.

2.Third-party online whistle-blower service

Third-party online whistleblower reporting service through a secure web page where anyone may report suspected abuses at your nursing facility; the reporting party may identify himself or herself, or submit a report anonymously. MyHIPAA Guide will collect the information and send it to pre-designated privacy officer or other contact within your organization for internal investigation.  This plan does not include investatigative services.

3. Social media guidelines

Recommendations draw from guidelines formulated by leading authorities.

4. Printed posters

Ten printed posters that include social media guidelines and instructions on where to report social media incidents or suspected abuses. (Allow 30 days for delivery)

5. Access to Monthly Training Webinars

Training sessions, with choices of times and dates, on varying compliance topics, such as:

  • Basic Steps to Compliance & A Culture of Vigilance
  • Managing Business Associates
  • New & Expanded Patient Rights
  • Top IT Issues for Privacy Compliance
  • Breach Reporting Procedures

6. Bundled package of online courses

Online course offerings will be administered through Pedagogy Inc. and Pedagogy will offer completion certificates. The Total Privacy Plan includes course participation for up to 10 management level employees and up to 60 staff members per year. Pedagogy will offer discounts to facilities needing more seats.


Terms of Payment of the Total Privacy Plan for Skilled Nursing Homes:


Yearly Plan: $2900 annual fee, payable by credit card or by check: Checks may be made to M.E.D. Media Mart LLC and mailed to M.E.D Media Mart LLC; 9 North Main St.; Akron, OH 44308.

Monthly Plan: $279/month via automated credit card payments (minimum of one year enrollment)

Plan activation commences at the time of payment. Members will receive a password and login for the MyHIPAA Guide website. Within 3 business days, new members will receive a welcome letter and an invitation to schedule an initial conference call to review basic steps to HIPAA compliance and learn about resources available through the Total Privacy Plan for Skilled Nursing Homes.

For more information, email Diane Evans at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 1-877-438-1386.

"Seriously the best money I ever spent! MyHIPAA Guide made this cumbersome process painless and easy to complete."

–Gina Kerman, Executive Director
Rose-Mary Center, Cleveland, OH

10 Step HIPAA Plan

  • Step 1: Make Sure you Must Comply with HIPAA +

    What's Inside:
    Lists of who is generally covered and who is not, plus contact for inquiries.
  • Step 2: Designate Team Leaders +

    What's Inside:
    • 7-page HIPAA basics
    • 62-page guide to security and privacy of ePHI
    • Compliance Charter Template
  • Step 3: Develop Security Policies & Procedures +

    What's Inside:
    Templates for Security Policies and Procedures
  • Step 4: Conduct a security risk analysis +

    What's Inside:
    • Guides
    • Short videos
    • Interactive quizzes on risk assessment and contingency preparation
    • 10 common myths

    Interactive tutorial – 156 questions with fill-able PDFs for Windows or iPad. All material from federal sources.
  • Step 5: Develop an action plan +

    What's Inside:
    • 11-page overview on ePHI for small practices
    • 4-page Q&A addresses email with patients
    • Checklists

    Toolkit on 45 implementation specifications
  • Step 6: Reduce Risks of a Breach +

    What's Inside:
    • Overview of expectations
    • Annual Work Plan Template
  • Step 7: Train the Team +

    What's Inside:
    • Form for reporting breach notification
    • Links to details on the notification process and what constitutes a breach.
    • Suite of Training Materials
  • Step 8: Customize Privacy Notices +

    What's Inside:
    FOR ALL:
    • Privacy notice templates to help achieve meaningful consent, in English & Spanish.

    • Professionals' guide covering 2013 updates on communications.

    • Electronic toolkit with patient education and meaningful consent sample materials.
  • Step 9: Execute Business Associate Agreements +

    What's Inside:
    • Sample Business Associate Agreement (BAA) provisions
    • Suite of BA Management Tools
  • Step 10: Verify Compliance with HIPAA +

    What's Inside:
    • Tip sheets
    • Short videos
    • Overviews

    • 94-page guide on the EHR incentive program
    • Beginners' toolkit on reporting to the government

    All from federal sources.
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